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Convert My Dog Picture to Cross Stitch Pattern
iCustomStitch All-in-One Kit
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Step 1: Upload Your Picture
Email your digital photo you want to convert to iCustomStitch. We will contact you promptly to meet any of your special needs.
Step 2: Preview Pattern
Step 3: All-in-One Kit
How to Convert Your Photo to iCustomStitch All-In-One Kit
Cross Stitch from Photo As Easy As 1-2-3
A sample edited picture is provided for your preview to ensure your 100% satisfaction on our service before the full-size pattern is color-printed and packaged with all the supplies you need.
Receive your iCustomStitch Kit which includes chart, threads, needles, and our unique Precise Color-Printed Aida with photo-converted pattern. Easy on eyes, quick to stitch, done in days!
Happy Stitching
Start stitching with no worry to prepare the fabric or buy the supplies. Our precision color-printed Aida makes it easy to complete the project within a month. Still no time? Our expert stitcher will come in help.
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​No shipping cost within United States. Please allow 2-4 weeks to deliver your personalized All-in-One ready-to-stitch kit.
  • Free previews
  • Fast personal services
  • Money back guarantee
Complete your project and present your gift just in time for that special event? We would love to hear from you! Send us your picture of the finished stitchwork and enter our monthly contest for a FREE counted cross-stitch kit.
Don't have time to stitch it yourself? No problem! Our expert stitchers will stitch it for you in time for any special events.
Dog Cross Stitch Pattern
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How to Cross Stitch My Photo

Stitching is easy with Precision Cross Stitch No Count kits.

  • Identify the DMC code and its corresponding thread number.
  • Organize the DMC threads by using provided thread organizers.
  • Cut the lengths of thread to 18" long and separate them into six single strands before you use them.
  • Use 3 strands of thread for stitching on iCustomStitch's 11-ct Precision Cross Stitch aida.
  • Start from any color block and enjoy the finishing pattern block by block.
iCustom Stitch ®  Blue Moon Needlecrafts

Or call us at 740-720-3088

Email Your Photo

Or call us at 740-720-3088
How to Wash Precision Cross Stitch Project

Having spent some time completing your precision no-count cross stitch project, it is now the time to begin the process of preserving this piece of needlecraft. Before you can frame your personalized cross stitched picture, it must, of course, be spotlessly clean.

  • Soak your finished cross stitched work in lukewarm water for 30 minutes.
  • Change clean water several times until the final rinse water is clear.
  • Dry out your x-stitched needlework in between two clean white towels.
  • Smooth out any creases by ironing your cross stitching product face down at a medium heat until completely dry and smooth.

NOW you have a beautiful piece of cross stitch artwork ready to frame and decorate your wall of any room. Congratulations!!!
Cross Stitch Design without a Stitch

Beading by Number Cross Stitch Kit - a unique cross stitch design without a stitch to complete the project. HOW?

  • Combination of precision cross stitch design and advanced printing technology with high quality adhesive.
  • Diamond-cut rhinestone beads with uniform size of 2.5mm square fit into cross stitch pattern precisely and stay in place by adhesive
  • Quick to complete the cross stitch project compared to traditional cross stitch (blank aida), still quicker than our own Precision No Count aida.
  • Stunningly beautiful wall art in shiny and colorful diamond beads.
  • Available for Personalized Photo Cross Stitch soon. Call 740-720-3088
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Starter Kit

A colorful daisy bouquet for every mom - an easy silk ribbon embroidery starter kit for beginners. Only four basic embroidery stitches are used:

  • French Knots
  • Ribbon Stitch
  • Stem Stitch
  • Straight Stitch

Why wait? Shop a starter kit, get your hands on this beautiful piece of needlecraft from Blue Moon Needlecrafts Now. Done in hours and perfect for wall hanging or pillow cover. 
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Starter Kit
Blue Ocean Dolphin Cross Stitch